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Here we go again...

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Sep 1, 2014
5:22 pm
Aug 26, 2014
5:07 am
Aug 20, 2014
4:34 pm
Aug 8, 2014
11:42 am
Jul 28, 2014
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*Otakuthon Halloween 2oo9
*Comic-Con Dec 6th 2oo9 :trophy: [Best energy]>Kaoru Hitachiin


*GAnime 2o1o
*Otakuthon 2o1o
*Cape & Kimono 2o1o
*GeekFest 2o1o
*Photoshoot Delson April 1o :dummy:
*Hetalia Picnic
*Big Bento o2
*Big Bento o3
*Oblivion Haunted House :dummy:
*ICI pour le manga :trophy: [Best originality]>Zexion Rock Star
*Comic-Con Dec 5th 2o1o
*Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot
*Oblivion New Year :dummy:


*GAnime 2o11
*Nadeshicon 2o11
*Anime North 2o11
*Otakuthon 2o11 :trophy: [Best Group]>Peter White
*Comic-Con September 17-18th
*Cape & Kimono 2o11
*Geekfest 2o11 :trophy: [Best props]>Zexion
*Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Day Out
*Kuroshitsuji 2nd photoshoot
*Big Bento o4
*Imaginaire August 6th
*Halloween Town at La Ronde :dummy:
*Comic-Con Dec 4th 2o11


*GAnime 2o12
*Nadeshicon 2o12
*Anime North 2o12

*Otakuthon 2o12
*Montreal Comic-Con 2o12

*Manga Ball 2o12
*Big Bento o5

*Mini Comic-Con
*WWWC Christmas


*Ganime 2o13
*Nadeshicon 2o13
*Anime North 2o13

*Otakuthon 2o13
*Montreal Comic-Con 2o13

*Animorency 2o13
*Pop Expo 2o13
*Hetalia PikNik 2o13 :dummy:
*ChillingShoot Homestuck 2o13
*Hetalia Day 2o13


*GAnime 2o14
*Nadeshicon 2o14
*Anime North 2o14
*Otakuthon 2o14

*Comic Con 2o14
*Animara 2o14

>>:trophy: = Won something
<<:dummy: = Organizer


Tue Jun 28, 2011, 12:32 AM

Next convention : Comic-Con

Working on...
Genis Sage - Tales of Symphonia
TK - Digimon
Duo Maxwell - Gundam Wing
Arin - Pangya
Armin Arlet - Shingeki no Kyojin
*Secret Cosplay*
*More Secret Cosplay*
Animal Crossing New Leaf

Assassin's Creed

Avatar ; The Last Airbender
*Toph Bei Fong :- Earthbender

*Peter Pan

Final Fantasy
*Onion Knight :- Dissidia

Fruits Basket
*Hatsuharu Soma :- School Uniform

Harry Potter
*Remus Lupin :- Muggle
*Remus Lupin :- Gryffindor

Hetalia Axis Power
*Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :- Military
*Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :- Chibi
*Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :- Young
*Lovino (Romano)  Vargas (South Italy) :- Hetaween 2011

Homestuck Trolls
*Nepeta Leijon
*Eridan Ampora

Kingdom Hearts
*Zexion :- Organization XIII
*Luxord :- Organization XIII
*Sora :- Christmas Town

Kuni no Alice
*Peter White

Marvel Universe
*Hawkeye :- Fem!Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 
*Captain America :- Fem!Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes

*Pixie :- Casual
*Pixie :- Earis

Qui est Terra Wilder
*Frank Green

Saint-Row the Third
*Deckers Specialist

South Park
*Butters Scotch :- Pr.Chaos

Spider Riders
*Prince Lumen :- Everyday Outfit

Tales of Vesperia
*Rita Mordio

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
*Fye D. Flowright :- Célès

S T A R T E D  A G A I N

Chevaliers d'Émeraude

Harry Potter
*Ron Weasley :- Muggle

V E T E R A N S  C O S P L A Y S

Bounty Hunter Academy
*Valentin Nicerave :- 1st cover promo
*Valentin Nicerave :- Everyday Outfit

Hetalia Axis Power
*Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :- Foot
*Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :- Casual
*Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :- Police Red
*Marcel Roy (Quebec)
*Sadiq Adnan (Turkey)
*Eduard Vonbock (Estonia)
*Liam Williams (British Columbia)
*Im Yong Soo (South Korea)

*Feferi Peixes :- God Tier

Kingdom Hearts
*Zexion :- Pyjamas
*Zexion :- Halloween Town
*Zexion :- Rock Star
*Zexion :- Radian Garden (Ienzo)
*Luxord :- Casual
*Luxord :- Easter Town

*Pluto (Puru Puru)
*Grell Sutcliff :- Shinigami

My Little Pony
*Twilight Sparkle :- Student

Left 4 Dead

Legend of Zelda

*Shikamaru Nara :- Shippuden
*Shikamaru Nara :- Visual Kei School
*Hinata Hyuuga
*H. Kamiko

Ouran High School Host Club
*Kaoru Hitachiin :- Uniform

World Wide Web College
*DeviantART :- Prom dress
*DeviantART :- Christmas
*DeviantART :- Uniform
*DeviantART :- Last Summer Outfit

And others will come ...



:iconheliasanto: :heart:

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